Audii, the accomplished rapper hailing from Indiana, has solidified his presence in the music scene since 2019. Elevating his artistry in 2022, Audii honed his signature blend of powerful bars and unforgettable melodies, establishing his brand, Next Level.

Continuing to captivate audiences with each release, Audii remains a noteworthy artist, seamlessly blending dynamic lyrics and a smooth flow. His music, ranging from high-energy bangers to introspective tracks, caters to diverse tastes, showcasing Audii's versatility.

As were Entering Summer 2024, Audii's impact on the music industry is undeniable, with a growing fan base attesting to his talent and dedication. Anticipate the next chapter in Audii's musical journey and brace yourself for the infectious sound that continues to define his artistry.


a man in a black hoodie holding money


the cover of the album, now frozen
toxic audii - cover art
the cover of astro maut
gettin it done by aumi feat tafte